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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumn Leaves

Hello lovelies!

A wee bit o' nail art today! In this nail art, I'm trying to focus on the nice parts of autumn, instead of the dreadful weather we've been having today.

Well if this doesn't scream autumn, I don't know what will ;) I took a lot of pictures, both with flash, to show the holo flame, and in medium sunlight (the three rays we had today to which I sprinted outside, singing). I couldn't choose between them, so I'll just spam.

I created this look in a similar way as I created last week's Dragonflies in Marshland. I dry-brushed two holos on a white base (Essie "Blanc"), namely Celestial Cosmetics "Trip" and Joss "Sudden Impulse". 

Then I stamped on the nice leafy design of BP-L026 with Essence "Yummiiii!", a brown shimmer. I topped it off with Seche Vite and voilĂ !

So what do you think?


  1. This is the perfect autumn mani. I love it!

  2. This is so gorgeous! I just love the combination of colours in the base.

  3. Such a gorgeous Fall look! I love the bit of sparkle to it!

  4. This look left me speechless. I think you got a like from me on every single place you've shared it!

  5. Loved this from the moment I saw it on Facebook! It's so gorgeous, perfect Fall mani.

  6. This mix of colors just screams Fall, and I love the added shimmer. So pretty!

  7. Aaaand I just LOVE this! I saw it on instagram but <3 Autumn is my favourite season and you have wrapped up loads of things I love about it, especially the colours in this nail design. Love how you blended glitter and the reds, yellow and oranges so well. And the leaves on top look so delicate and magical. AAAAH love it <333

  8. this looks like fossils or something engraved. Super cute. Definitely autumn-y!


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